Sunday, May 27, 2012

What we don't want to hear

Ok yesterday I did a post on my thought of autism. Today I'm going to post things that parents of high functioning autism and aspergers do not like to hear. I have heard these things from personal experience as well as from other parents. We hear these things from not only parents of "typical" children but also from parents within the autism family community.
Your child gives eye contact: yes occasionaly but mainly they are looking straight through you
Your child is just shy: nope hate to tell you they are not.
But your child is soo social: hmm yes but they don't get the concept of social play or communication
That is "typical" for that age: ohh one of my fav's. It's only typical if it doesn't happen daily over and over again.
Meltdown oh that's just a temper tantrum: Ah can you tell me what started it? and why it lasted for hours?
Sensory?: Well everyone has problems with that sometimes. Ya sometimes exactly.
Your child's just a "brat": hate hate hate this one. I'll give them to you for one week and let you try it out.
But they are soo smart: Yep hate to tell ya autism does not mean your dumb. Actually to tell you the truth most children on the spectrum are average to above average no matter where on the spectrum they are.
Are you sure it's not this ____?: Well could be part of it could not be. Can I see your medical licence please?
Why don't you use this med for such and such problem: well I've probably tried it already but hate to tell you most of them don't work!
Your child is just being "silly": They don't know how to react!!! So they do something that makes everyone laugh no matter what it is.
The list goes on and on. Raising a child on the spectrum is hard work and takes lots of patience. Not everyone is going to believe you all the time or maybe even some of the time but please please think of what you are saying before you say it. Some of this can really hurt not only the parent but the child too. Add anymore you can think of below :)