Tuesday, July 3, 2012


A lot of people are traveling over to friends and families homes. Here are some ways to make both a special needs child and their parents more comfortable while visiting.
1. move breakables from room. For short visits try to have a room where the child can move around freely with out them feeling restrained or the parent going nuts trying to watch them so they don't break your precious glass tea cup collection.
2. Move breakables from all rooms but one. If the visit will be for a longer amount of time designate one room in the home for breakables and lock the door. Make this room off limits to the child. This will allow the child to roam around the home without everyone on top of them ever second.
3. Have a "smart" tv. No not some super ubber expensive tv just one of the old fashioned small heavy hard to break tv's. This is helpful so you don't have to worry nonstop about your new big screen lcd super ubber expensive tv. This would only be necessary for longer visits and you can get them really cheap just about anywhere.
4. Have "child friendly foods". Now this does not mean go out and buy tons of ice cream, hot dogs, ect unless that is all they will eat. Check with the parent on what the child will eat and what they can not eat. Children on the spectrum or with other special needs may only eat certain things or may not be able to eat others.
5. Remember if you yourself have a special needs child not all children are alike!!!. Just because yours doesn't try to kill your cat another may so think of your animals. Ask the other parent if accommodations need to be made to keep their child and your animals safe at all times.
6. Make a "safe" place. Make an area of your home for the child to go to if needing a break. Make sure it's large enough for mommy or daddy too.
7. Don't expect perfection. No ones perfect and your home could get very loud.
8. Ask questions. If you ever have any just ask. Anyone visiting your home will not mind you asking a question about how to make their stay more easier.
9. Relax and have fun :)