Monday, April 2, 2012


Alexis is 8 1/2 yrs old and has dx's of high functioning autism, select mutism, mood disorder nos, and more. She came into this world rolling over in the warming bed. She was not a happy baby by any means. She could only be comforted by being held tight against the couch and myself or by certain music. She met all her milestones on time or early but never in front of anyone. If she seen you she would drop to the floor screaming. She started eating solids at 4 months old and never had any aversions to anything. She still to this day loves veggies :). She started talking to herself at about 1yr old but never to anyone else. At about 2yrs old she showed us that she could talk by swearing at her dad while he was angry. She didn't talk again to us until about 3yrs old. At about 3 1/2 she started telling us she could see and hear dead people. This was scary but it sure didn't scare her. She always had this high pitched sound in her voice but at other times she would talk so softly you could barely even hear her. Lex didn't get potty trained until about 4 1/2yrs old. She spread poop everywhere in her room and showed no interest in getting trained. Once trained she never had accidents until 8yrs old. She started head start at 4 1/2 when they quickly sent her over to the ECSE preschool at the school. They told me it was best for her to go there as they couldn't get her to do anything and she was very delayed. At this time I was just finding out that her brother (Logan) had pdd-nos a form of autism. I wondered if she did too but no one would help me or tell me if it was. She was dxed at that time as Developmental delay. We went all through preschool with this dx and I continued to take her to dr.s that would ask me if I thought she had autism. The ran test after test on her but never an mri or eeg like her brother had. They focused on genetics because of her facial features they were sure that's what it was. They tested her for Williams syndrome and Down Syndrome thinking maybe they would get a hit. Nothing. The test continue still but so far nothing that can show through blood. I took her to the dr. that originally dx'ed her brother and he quickly said autism. Finally someone said it. It took a huge weight off my chest as I knew she did. I was tiered of dr.s saying mental delay as I know she is very smart and that wasn't the case with her. She excels in math and is starting to learn to read. She does well in class but does not talk to other children. She still lines up things and doesn't play with toys. She once even brought in all the yard animals to line up in my living room! lol. She has learned to ride a two wheel bike this last summer something we thought she would never do. She has meltdowns daily for hours on end but has stoped punching herself in the face and for the most part the head banging. I've been told that she will have a very hard time in this world but I hope for the best and see little glimpse of hope all the time. She has come so far and I know I'll find some way to help her through into our world :)

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