Monday, April 2, 2012


Zachary is 4 1/2 yrs old. Right now he has a dx of developmental delay and sever adhd. He is and has been being evaluated for autism. He was a very very quiet baby. He could not cry it came out as a squeak. He threw up his formula at every feeding. We tried solids all the time but he would get a rash and throw up every time. He would gag on everything that came near his mouth. He didn't met any of his milestones. He started rolling over at 6 months, sitting up with support at 9 months, sat unassisted at 1yr, and started walking and eating solids at 18months. He also developed cold induced asthma at about 9months old. He was evaluated and placed in ECSE at 2. He was very delayed although growing well. He was evaluated by public health and thought to have sever autism at 14months old. He started working with the 0-3 program right after but wasn't making much progress. When he started walking he had a very awkward gait and it has stayed awkward but has gotten much better. He started talking right after his 3rd birthday but has a speech delay. He uses "me" instead of I but only because of his brother. He has come a long ways from when he was a baby and can ride his trike well but can't run or catch a ball. His testing has come out that he is stuck at a 2 to 3yr old. He is very smart and can remember anything. He has the best memory I've ever seen going all the way back to 1yr old. May sound strange but it's been proven to anyone that meets him. He is a very hyper little guy and is always on the go and talking non stop. He got his dx of adhd after going to the dr. where my other two go. He was found to have sever adhd and started meds right away at 3 1/2. He doesn't sleep well at all and is up most of the night. He also chews everything that comes near him. He is a very sensory child. His school is starting to notice that he doesn't play with others and is delayed socially as well. He loves the iPad but even has a hard time concentrating on that. He loves to shop though which I find funny as with Lex I can't even take to stores and Logan has to be put in a cart Zach just walks along. Zach is potty trained but only during the day. We took a step backward in that department and have put him back in pull ups at night. Zach does play with toys but has to have them set up perfectly to the picture. He is very independent in he likes to try for himself even if he can't do it. He has recently started having starring spells and going backward which is a huge worry but I guess we see where he lands :( I hope all the best for my little one and hope to see him grow big and strong :)

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