Monday, April 2, 2012

Mandy Nite

Ok no pic for this one but a little about me. I am 30yrs old and a single mom to these three little angels. I grew up going to private school where you didn't get much help if you had problems learning. I was thought to have adhd and probably do. I did well in math and science but very poorly with spelling and government/history/geography. I was a shy child but did have friends. I started public school in the 9th grade and received some help by having lower math classes since I totally didn't understand geometry or algebra. I made it through school with close to a B average and kept myself out of trouble for the most part. I always have had a problem with letter reversal but it didn't seem to cause to much of a problem in school so I was never evaluated for that either. I started working at 11yrs old babysitting and by 16yrs old I started working in a daycare center. At the daycare center I first learned about autism. A couple of the kids there had it and a few where suspected of having it. I grew very close to these children and always found ways to communicate with them. The center I worked at had a lot of troubled children but they were all special to me. I loved working there but decided to move on once I hit 19 for a higher paying job and for other reasons. I got married at 22 after getting pregnant with Lexi and soon came my other two. Their father although we are still on a friendly basis for the kids is a very troubled man with problems of his own. I left him 3yrs ago and never thought of going back. My children progressed a lot afterward since I had time to focus on them more. I've been at my current job for 11 1/2yrs and went part-time almost 2yrs ago now for my children. I started writing app reviews about 6months ago to help get apps for them and others. I'm not a very organized person but I try my best at it lol. I love helping others and try to take care of myself but don't always get there. I lost most of my friends between my ex and sadly because of my children's dx's. I found friendship and understanding on facebook and have found that sometimes it's the best therapy/friends you can have :) There's a little about me and my life. :)

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