Monday, April 2, 2012


Logan is about to be 7yrs old. He has a dx of autism, adhd, mood disorder nos, and depression. Logan came into this world very quiet. He hardly ever cried except when hungry. He threw up his formula at almost every feeding so we started him on solids at 3 months old per dr. orders. He was a big baby and always in the 100th percentile for height, weight and head size. He met his milestones delayed but not too delayed. He developed cold induced asthma at about 9months old and was put in the hospital for 4 days not knowing if he would be ok. While in there he was put on steroids and suddenly he learned to sit up and stand up all in the same day!. He was a very lay ed back child. All the kids around him for some reason would sit on him and he would never make a sound. He didn't babble by 1yr old and that's when the worry started. When he still didn't babble at 2 I grew very concerned and started to wonder about autism. I had a friend who's son was just dx'ed not long before and I took him to that dr. at about 2 1/2 and he received his dx of pdd-nos. Logan would just sit there and stare most of the day. I even caught him in my bathroom sink staring for over 1hr. He didn't respond to his name, spread poop everywhere, unscrewed everything, did not do any change, and preferred to be alone. He didn't like anyone touching him at all and would scream if anyone did. Once he had his dx I tried getting help from the county for supplies to keep him safe. He would run and didn't respond to his name at all. He even could open his window and I caught him on the roof numerous times. The wouldn't help me with out him being certified by the state so I did so then. He got accepted right away. At a little past 3 started talking but at the same time got very violent. He would have awful meltdowns and hit or kicked anyone that came near. He broke everything he touched and there was no stopping him. He was in the ECSE program with his sister starting at 2 1/2 and they watched the transformation from being under responsive to over responsive quickly. He has since even out in that since sometimes being one way sometimes being another. He can be the most caring boy in the world but doesn't realize pain in any sense of the word. He looooves sports and could talk about them for hours. He started showing signs of depression a year ago and was started on meds that have helped a lot with it. Logan is just slightly delayed now school wise and is starting to do well with math and sight words. He has problems motor wise and speech is a major issue still with him. He uses the word me all the time but it's a lot better then two years ago when he would only use "Logan". He still unscrews things every where he goes so you always check your chair before you sit down in this house lol :). His asthma is almost all gone which is wonderful. He can not ride a trike but can ride his scooter which he loves. He is unable to bathe himself since he stimms nonstop in the tub. He is also no able to ask for anything which makes it hard because I'm always afraid he's going to get hurt since he just goes and gets what he wants. He needs constant watching as he doesn't know danger and has very poor impulse control. He still runs occasionally but is less and less every year. He loves his iPad and it's helped him sooo much. I love my little chipamunk (that's what I call him) even if he does forget everything lol :)

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